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CanyoningThis is a good combination of horseback and hiking in a beautiful scenario. Experience is not needed in this tour, trained horses will take you to the entrance of the waterfall through private farms, forest and hills, where you will have spectacular views. When you get to the entrance of the waterfalls, we will leave the horses and start to descend to the river. This is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the forest and wildlife while you swim in the crystalline waters of the river.
Horseback Riding
HorseBack RidingWe trek through the forest on magical trails that lead to some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Costa Rica, a place very few people get to experience. Along the way we will have the chance to discover the secrets that lie hidden deep within the canyon.
White Water Rafting
RaftingClass III: We are committed to providing high-quality, safe and professional service. This is the perfect activity for anyone with a sense of adventure and fun. This section is ideal for first time rafters. You will be able to view the scenic presence and singular beauty of the unexplored humid tropical forest while floating down the river, in a 2.5 hour trip. The river is located about 1 hour and 30 min. away from La Fortuna.

Class III & IV: If you have done rafting before, feel you are in good shape and enjoy extreme emotions, this is what you are looking for. More than 17 continuous level III and IV rapids will show you the experience of a fast and exiting journey.
Canopy Tour
Canopy TourThe adventure begins when you arrive at the stables and the guides give you a safety briefing. You then get fitted up with your equipment, mount up, and ride 45 minutes through a pasture and wooded area that is host to monkeys, sloths, toucans, and other birds. When you arrive at the canopy, you are given the necessary equipment. Then we continue with a short hike through the forest where a guide gives an informative narration about the forests, plants, and trees that prevail in this kind of tropical area.
Walk to The Arenal Volcano
Walk to The Arenal VolcanoThe Arenal Volcano starts with a drive to the active north-western side of the volcano. Once there you will start on a hike through Las Coladas Trail which crosses the rain forest and goes over a large lava flow from 1992. It is possible to observe a great variety of plants, wildlife, and magnificent lava formations.

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